CLIIN robots in shipping is a triple win!

Deploying CLIIN robot technology to shipping is a triple win; a win for cleaner air and seas, a win for the working conditions on board vessels, and a win for the profitability of shipping companies.

Through a profound understanding of the cleaning challenges all shipping companies are facing every day, CLIIN has in partnership with leading shipping companies developed a versatile cleaning robot, which can be deployed in a multitude of configurations.

Cargo Hold Cleaning (CHR)

By deploying the CLIIN robot in a cargo hold cleaning configuration, bulk shipping companies will be able to replace a normal four step cleaning process involving tons of chemicals and water with a one step pure water cleaning process. The CHR is permanently installed on board the vessel and is semi automatically operated by the vessels crew as and when required.

Apart from limiting the environmental impact, the CLIIN robot cleaning process is faster, less labor intensive and provides a significantly more effective cleaning, thus providing shipping companies a value proposition of more laden days and lower cost. Depending on operational pattern, shipping companies can expect a return on investment in less than a year.

A brighter future for shipping

CLIIN robots have the potential to fundamentally change the operational pattern of the entire shipping industry.

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