CLIIN Robotics made an impressive debut at the prestigious Posidonia Exhibition, marking its inaugural participation with resounding success. The event, renowned as a cornerstone in the maritime industry, provided the perfect stage for CLIIN Robotics to showcase its latest innovation in robotic technology: the Hull Cleaning Robot (HCR).

The Hull Cleaning Robot (HCR), designed not only for efficient hull cleaning and grooming, was not the only highlight of CLIIN Robotics' showcased technology at the prestigious exhibition. CLIIN Robotics displayed a total of three robots, demonstrating their innovative easy-click technology that allows seamless transformation of an HCR into a CHR (Cargo Hold Robot). This versatility underscores CLIIN Robotics' commitment to delivering adaptable solutions that cater to diverse maritime needs.

"We were thrilled to unveil our Hull Cleaning Robot (HCR) at Posidonia 2024," said Thomas Jørgensen, CEO of CLIIN Robotics. "The positive response from industry leaders and attendees reaffirmed the relevance and impact of our technology in advancing marine maintenance practices."

Accompanying this groundbreaking product was CLIIN Robotics' CHR. Displayed on a metallic dome, people could also witness the robot in action, operating in a mini look-alike cargo hold. Notably, the CHR also boasted an unexpected integration: a built-in beer tap, ensuring that maritime maintenance can be both refreshingly efficient and delightfully hydrating.

Additionally, at the booth of CLIIN Robotics’ Greek agents TJ Giavridis Marine Services, a CHR was displayed, equipped with a specialized cement dry cleaning tool – a testament to the company's capability to address specific challenges faced in dry cargo hold cleaning, particularly from cement.

Posidonia 2024, with its record-breaking attendance of over 2,000 exhibitors from 81 countries, provided an ideal platform for CLIIN Robotics to connect with key stakeholders and showcase its cutting-edge solutions. The event not only facilitated meaningful interactions but also solidified CLIIN Robotics' presence in the global maritime community.

"We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone involved in making Posidonia 2024 a tremendous success," added Thomas Jørgensen. "CLIIN Robotics looks forward to continuing our mission of innovation and excellence in robotic solutions for the maritime industry."

About Posidonia Exhibition: Posidonia Exhibitions SA hosts the internationally acclaimed Posidonia Exhibition, a premier event in the maritime calendar since 1969. This biennial exhibition attracts leading personalities and organizations from the global shipping industry, making it a pivotal platform for industry advancements and collaborations.

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Booth CLIIN Robotics Posidonia 2024 - Robotic Antifouling Solution Booth CLIIN Robotics Posidonia 2024 - Robotic Antifouling Solution Booth CLIIN Robotics Posidonia 2024 - Robotic Antifouling Solution