Privacy and cookie policy in relation to GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force from 25 May 2018 and applies new requirements on how to work with personal data. In this regard, we have summarised information for you regarding our website, in case you want to change the data you provide while browsing.

What is GDPR?

GDPR compels businesses to better organise their data structures, minimise personal data collection, and redefine the protection of personal data from a conceptual level, as well as reorganise its structure. Data administrators will need to know where their users' data is stored and who has access to them. From a consumer perspective, GDPR aims to ensure that they have control over the data they provide (or have already provided) in order to receive an online service. GDPR affects any business running data with EU users.

Why are cookies and/or personal data required on this website?

The functionality of this website is depending on whether you will consent to the administration of your personal data. For example:

  • Cookies are required to store ordering steps, login, login details, comments, sharing on social networks, site preferences, and settings (where available). Without them, the latter will not be possible, so the site will not work properly. For example, even youtube videos may not be loaded. Note that some of the cookies we store, are functionality based, and can not be turned off.
  • Personal - profile data, such as name, phone, email, are needed to order and form a sales note, details of your purchase, and provide offers for subsequent purchases.
  • Marketing cookies and data are required to provide ads that match your interests, show promotional content that is personally accessible to you, as well as notifications of new/promo services/products that this site may provide.

What rights do I have?

The new regulation treats almost all statistical data as personal information through which a user can be identified. So far, to prevent this information from being received, tools such as adblockers, apps, and browser add-ons have to be used. Now, for sites operating across the EU, this is illegal.

  • Consumers must expressly and explicitly agree that their data be processed and accessed for each individual purpose for which they will be used.
  • Users must be able to edit, delete, and save their personal data from websites and, above all, be informed of any breach of their security.
  • Users should have access to clarification on how their data is stored, what security measures are and who has access to them. This information can be found below on this page.

What for and how is personal data processed?

  • By agreeing with these privacy terms, you give the right to the administrators of this website to use pseudonymous data for you as part of global attendance statistics. Such data are, for example, IP, referer, browser/os.
    • If you agree, this data will only be used and submitted to site traffic analysis tools, conversions, and direct/pseudo-anonymous/ remarketing using the google and/or facebook platforms.
    • If you do not agree, data about you will not be stored, sent to third parties/tools or processed.
  • By registering on this website, you may provide your consent to the administrators of this site to notify you in advance of a promotions, new products, etc.

How can I use my rights?

  • By clicking on your username/profile icon/link to your account, you can edit it.
  • If you would like to unsubscribe, delete your account, or request all the data associated with your account, you can do this via email to website administrators, whose contact can be found on the contacts page. The response time is one month. In case of doubt, additional information may be required, for you to be identified as the subject of the personal data you require.
  • If you wish to withdraw your consent to use cookies, you may use one of the following options:


Where and how is my personal data stored? What security measurements are taken?

  • Data you submit to this website is secured via httpS - the most secure way to encrypt user-to-server data. In our database, passwords and other sensitive information (if any) are further processed through hash / encryption.
  • Server rooms are accessible only to administrators with special access and comply with EU regulations - and - are located within the EU.

Why is my personal data needed?

  • The pseudo-data you send, by agreeing to these terms of use and privacy policy, is used for reporting activities and analyzes of the site's attendance, orientation in the user interest, making it a reference point for the future development. Your consent data is stored in cookies on your browser.
  • Data submitted in contact forms, such as e-mail and name, are stored only for the purpose of answering inquiries and inquiries history. Upon request, they can be anonymized.
  • The data submitted in registration forms is used to identify you as a specific user and to access the richer and more personalized information / resources on the website. The storage of these data respects the security measures outlined above.

For how long will personal data be stored?

  • Anonymous data is stored for statistics as long as it can provide functionality you sought to obtain;
  • Data submitted for registration for service provision or site functionality will be kept legally for statistics and technical availability and reference;

Who receives and processes my data?

  • The data we receive directly from your web browser are sent to improve the service, the structure and functionality of the site and to serve you the content in the best possible way, fitting your screen/browser. By agreeing to our terms we also use the date to analyze the traffic information and the audience of the site. This data can be used for anonymous direct remarketing. The tools we use and their respective rules and regulations are:
  • In case you subscribe to a newsletter, the information you provide will be used for notifications of promotions, notifications, and messages related to the website and relating to your topics of interest.
  • If you have registered (wherever possible), you have agreed to process your data in accordance with the general terms and conditions of use of the site. Your data will be used for the purposes of the site registration services provided. This includes but is not limited to: order, profile information, site settings, user lists, personal messages, and so on. If you would like to know more about the data you have provided to this website, contact the administrator.
  • Data related to payment methods that you provide to third parties as part of the paying process (paypal, epay, etc.) are subject to their terms of use and provision of services and accordingly - their responsibility. We do not store your billing information!

Generally speaking, only the administrators of this website, including Developer Technicians (listed on the Footer), have (mostly limited) access to your data. Depending on the shared information.





A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device via a web server and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of the cookie and allow the Web site remember browser preferences and navigate efficiently . Cookies make the interaction between the user and the website faster and easier.

This Website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files generated by the web pages you visit, which contain the session data that can be useful later in the website. In this way this Web remembers information about your visit, which can facilitate your next visit and make the website more useful.

Why are Cookies Used?

The data allow this website to keep your information between the pages, and also to discuss how to interact with the website. Cookies are safe because they can only store information that is put there by the browser, which is information the user entered in the browser or included in the page request. You can not run the code and can not be used to access your computer. If a website encrypts cookie data, only the website can read the information.