CLIIN is a Danish company, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a presence in major shipping hubs around the world. We develop and produce robots for the shipping industry with the goal of optimising the methods currently used in cleaning cargo holds on bulk barriers. 

Our vision
The vision of CLIIN is to revolutionise the shipping industry and ensure an environmentally responsible approach to cleaning of cargo holds on bulk carriers.

Our mission
CLIIN's mission is to be the leading provider of cleaning robots in the shipping industry on a global scale. We want to keep producing cleaning robots of a high-quality standard while adapting to the changing needs of the shipping industry. We want to be a crucial part of shipping agents' value chain.

Our ambitions 
At CLIIN our ambition is to facilitate a paradigm shift in shipping companies’ approach to vessel cleaning. CLIIN is created by people with profound experience from the shipping-, vessel coating- and high-tech industries. We move towards this paradigm shift by employing our three core values in every aspect of CLIIN: 

  • Environment
    We believe that the environment should be taken into account by every industry. Our robots reduce chemical waste in the process of cargo hold cleaning by 80-100 percent and thereby help the shipping industry take better care of our oceans. 
  • Safety
    Our robots ensure a better work environment for shipping staff. Our robots will substitute manual labor and create a safer work environment during the cleaning process. The robot is; a time saving cleaning solution, safer for the work environment by reducing the need for manual labor and chemicals, and it makes it easier to abide by MRV regulations.
  • Quality
    Quality is part of our key values. We believe high quality products create more value - both financially and environmentally. The quality of our products will not only create financial value for our clients but reduce environmental strain caused by waste and therefore create value for our oceans. 

We are aware that any effort toward a more sustainable way of doing business can seem like a drop in the ocean, which is why the UN Sustainable Development Goals plays an active part in all of CLIIN's initiatives. Read more about our work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals here.