We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our suite of attachments for our magnetic robot: the CLIIN Cement Cleaning Tool, a versatile brush meticulously crafted to address the challenging task of cleaning cargo holds contaminated with cement. This remarkable development signifies a significant advancement in the maritime industry's pursuit of safer and more efficient cleaning solutions.

Introducing the newest member of our tool family, the Cement Cleaning Tool comes equipped with specially developed brushes, aiming to make cleaning of cement cargo holds simpler, safer and more sustainable. Just like our other tools, it seamlessly attaches to the robot through our straightforward clip system.

With our robot cleaning the Cement Cargo Holds is as straightforward as cleaning any other cargo hold. Controlled by a remote controll, the robot can be operated from a safe distance on the ground, minimizing exposure to harmful cement dust. Our innovative cleaning brushes further reduce dust, ensuring a safer and dust-free environment, thus safeguarding the well-being of workers. Additionally, the cleaning operation, like all our robot-assisted cleaning, requires only two operators, reducing the need for cherry pickers and minimizing the number of personnel involved.

Historically, cleaning cement has posed a significant challenge, but our new Cement Cleaning Tool empowers our robot with the dry cleaning prowess needed to overcome this challenge, turning the impossible into reality. Rigorously tested and endorsed by industry experts, including the esteemed Tidal Transport, this tool has proven its efficiency.

For a visual demonstration of the Cement Cleaning Tool in action, check out our YouTube video (YouTube Video: CLIIN Robotics - Dry Cleaning Tool (Cement)). While the cargo hold may not be completely clean after using the cement cleaning tool, it's easy to switch to our water cleaning tool for a shipshape finish (YouTube Video: Cargo Hold Robot - Cement Clinker Wet Cleaning).

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in vessel cleaning technology remains unwavering. This latest achievement underscores our dedication to providing solutions that not only meet industry challenges but also exceed expectations.

Join us in embracing a cleaner, safer, and more efficient future with CLIIN Robotics!