In an innovative step towards safer and more efficient cargo operations, NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. has partnered with CLIIN Robotics to streamline the cleaning process of their cargo holds. The Japanese shipping giant recently integrated four of CLIIN Robotics’ Cargo Hold Robots (CHR) into their fleet, marking a significant advancement in maritime maintenance practices.

Cargo hold cleaning is a critical aspect of bulk carrier operations, essential for ensuring the safe transportation of various types of cargo. Failure to maintain clean holds can result in damage claims, additional cleaning requests from shippers, and even suspension of hire payments. Moreover, traditional cleaning methods pose risks to crew members, particularly when working at heights.

Recognizing the imperative for a safer and more efficient solution, NS United Kaiun Kaisha sought assistance from CLIIN Robotics. The CHR presents a revolutionary approach to hold cleaning. CLIIN Robotics’ robots can scale the walls and even the topsides of cargo holds, efficiently removing residue with high-pressure water while being remotely controlled by the crew.

In a statement regarding their adoption of CLIIN Robotics' technology, NS United Kaiun Kaisha emphasized the significance of ensuring crew safety and optimizing work efficiency. They affirmed that the deployment of CHR exceeded their expectations, enabling them to carry out hold cleaning tasks with unparalleled safety and precision.

"We have integrated four CLIIN Robotics' hold cleaning robots into our management vessels. These robots, easily operated remotely by the crew, excel in safety and efficiency. They effortlessly scale cargo hold walls, utilizing high-pressure water to achieve superior cleanliness. Their performance aligns perfectly with our expectations,” states Mr. Hideharu Eguchi, Gerneral Manager / Philippine Standard Shipmanagement Inc. (Manila Branch of NS United Kaiun).

CLIIN Robotics expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing their commitment to pioneering solutions that revolutionize maritime maintenance practices. The successful integration of CHR into NS United Kaiun Kaisha's fleet stands as a testament to the transformative potential of robotics in the shipping industry.

Read NS United Kaiun Kaisha statement here.