Our relationship to D/S Norden is one of great importance. As Denmark’s largest bulk carrier owner, Norden has been a source of valuable insights into existing cleaning operations and the needs and wishes of various stakeholders onboard the ships and in the international offices. 
We have maintained a close contact and strong relation to Norden and Senior Optimisation Manager, Jonas Warming ever since the signing of the first 5 robots in August 2018. 

CLIIN on Demand
Norden is the first CLIIN user to implement a hub solution where a CHR cleaning solution is situated permanently in Singapore, working as an on-demand cleaning service for multiple Norden bulk carriers. 

CLIIN Included in Norden’s CSR Report 2018
Norden works towards a more sustainable approach to shipping as described in the company’s  2018 CSR report. The report includes a test voyage of a large commercial vessel with a 100% biofuel powered main engine, along with Norden’s work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the middle of all this, the report highlights Norden’s work with CLIIN, and a quote from Jonas Warming refers to the Cargo Hold Robot as a “qualified suggestion for how cargo hold cleaning in the future can be done in a better, safer, environmentally friendly and quicker way”. 
We are proud that our robots are helping Norden towards a more sustainable way of doing business, and, with that, helping us realise our vision of ensuring an environmentally responsible approach to cleaning of cargo holds on bulk carriers.